Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's for dinner? pt. 3

Everyone should be able to tell what dinner is just by the above pictures. But I'll tell you anyways. Maybe some people live a sheltered life. Tonight we made, or mostly the kids made piggies in a blanket. Or as Cameron calls them "guinea pigs" where he got that, I have no clue.

So the boys did the rolling of the piggies. While I stood back and watched. I decided early on that I would not be eating dinner tonight. Note the above picture. Yup you don't want to know where that finger was before it went in the mouth. Then back onto the food. Yummy.

Now they are ready for cooking. Shove into a very hot 450 degree oven. And take pictures of the silly kids while we wait for them to cook. They can't wait for the new Ice Age movie to come out. Already got the 3D glasses.

Food is done, and the end result is very yummy looking. But I'm still not eating it. Especially now that Emily and Kevin appear to have what Cameron was sick with the other day. My poor babies.

Kevin just had to sneak his head into the picture of the food lol. Silly child.

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