Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Angry

Just when i was starting to feel good about everything. We have working water, toilet, and AC and i was making progress on the cleaning and unpacking. i got every single kitchen box emptied and i am missing about half of my dishes/cook wear. i am livid.

 The movers packed everything. We did the final walk through of the old house, nothing was left behind that we didn't plan to take with us. So somewhere between our stuff leaving NV and going to AZ, both transit and sitting in multiple storage houses, a bunch of our stuff disappeared. Most of our fish stuff is gone too so if we want to get our fish tank running again, we have to replace a lot of the stuff. i still have not found Kevin's camera, i have 1 more box to empty of the kids' stuff. i really hope i come across it. He is constantly asking if i found it yet.

They didn't do a proper inventory, i knew about that but didn't think it would be a big deal. i thought they had noted the number of boxes at least, even if they didn't exactly inventory the contents. i swear, no one will ever touch my stuff again. i didn't want to use them to begin with but we needed the navy to pay for our move cause we couldn't afford to do it ourselves. i will never recommend anyone to use a moving company. Both times we have had to use them it has been the worst experience ever.

i would say this gives me a great excuse to go shopping. But sadly we can't afford that. :(  i guess i better get back to work.

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