Thursday, March 14, 2013

It never ends

Wow, the only posts i have been making are to complain. Oh well, it helps to be able to vent a little and i don't want to actually talk to anyone about it.

So last night i completely lost it and went into a full blown panic attack. We still don't have heat or AC but our water and sewage seems to have finally been fixed after we went a day and a half without a toilet. i went to start a load of laundry and my washer wouldn't work. It is relatively new, we have only had it for a few years and it has been in storage for 7 months of that. That was my breaking point, i can't take anything else going wrong right now. i just need a break. Can't i have a week or 2 without something going horribly wrong with this house or our cars? Please?!?

The kids are great. They have been so good, staying out of the workers' way and basically spending most of their time in their rooms unpacking and cleaning.

Yesterday the cops stopped by to inform me that the city issues an ordinance saying that everyone in my neighborhood has 1 month to clean up their yards or they would be forced to move because their homes would be condemned and torn down. We don't really have that much in our yard, a lot of weeds that need to go and a ton of boxes. They will be putting dumpsters out for everyone to use so that will be nice.

i suppose i better get back to work. The living room is nearly finished then i will be working on the dining room/kitchen to get that finished. For the most part i jump around all over the place but it is nice that at least one room is starting to get finished. This is all so overwhelming. Robert has been fantastic. He is the only one keeping me from going completely insane here. At least we have each other and we have a roof over our heads. For now anyways.

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