Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I suppose I should update my blog. We had a very nice Christmas with just us. I had hoped that Robert's brother and step dad would have been able to visit but they weren't able to this year. :( So anyways, we had a very nice Holiday. Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa, the kids had a ton of fun cutting out the cookies from the dough and then decorating them after they were cooled off enough. Christmas morning the kids had their stockings to play with, then breakfast. After breakfast we did presents. I had them go one at a time so it was less hectic and I could get pictures. Plus we didn't have that many gifts this year with money being tight so I wanted it to last a little longer. Velvet had fun running around trying to open gifts and chew on anything that was on the floor. It was a very nice morning. After the kids were done unwrapping, we put the stuff together that needed it and spent the day playing with the kids. Robert and I managed to go 2 days without spending more than a few minutes on the computers. It was easier to go without the internet than I thought it would be.
I will post a few pictures on here. The rest are on my Flickr.


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