Friday, February 25, 2011

Live, learn, and try to remember to update the blog every now and then lol

So much has changed since Robert got back from his deployment last year. We are all so happy and although there is still a lot of stress with school and preparing to move, life is good.

I was looking back at old videos and pictures and was sad that my babies are all growing up. There is so much that I would have done differently with each of the kids, if only I could go back and fix things. They are happy so I guess I didn't do too bad.

I am learning to fit everything together and make things work with school, the kids' school, Robert's work and taking care of everything at home.

I was put on some new medication to help me sleep and for my panic attacks and vertigo, it has helped a ton but I still wish I didn't need it. I hate having to take meds on a daily basis.

My rabbits went to their new home almost 2 weeks ago. I am still very sad about it and miss them so much. Cameron's allergy problems have almost dissipated so I feel better about my decision to re-home my fur-babies. It was the right choice for my family, even if it broke my heart to do it.

After being with Robert for 9 years it is hard to believe that every day just keeps getting better. We have made many mistakes but have learned and grown from them and are better for them.

I guess that's it for the update. Maybe I will remember to get back to this and update it sometime before next year lol.

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