Wednesday, November 11, 2009

seamless paper

I ordered a roll of seamless photography paper (107" x 12' in black) and it arrived yesterday. After some confusion as to whether it would fit on my crossbar for my stand, I was able to get it set up and as I started to unroll it, I noticed that about 4 feet of it was ripped in several places. That was a bit of a bummer, but not too bad I guess. I took some pictures last night and then some more today. Due to it raining all day long, I did not have any natural light to play with so I had to use my studio lighting again and bump my ISO to 1600 which my camera really does not like. Here are some of the pictures I got:


  1. You shouldn't have to shoot at 1600...would you like help? Cute pix! What kind of lights are you using? I prefer black to be fabric, less reflective. Looks like your babies like the camera. I also have a photo blog...

  2. sure, help away lol. I could always use some tips on how to get better. I had 2 lights with umbrellas. No natural light was available. I'll have to look at the lights too see the wattage, I don't remember. I know one is different from the other cause one broke so I had to use an extra light bulb tha I had.

  3. Go online and order a White Balance Target. Once you get your lights set up meter at 100 or 200 IS0 so that the White Balance Target shows equl values for White Black and Gray. Set this to the custom white balance on your camera. If you don't have a target...meter for 200 ISO at around 125th at 10, give or take...zoom in on the face of one of your babes and go for a good histogram. Once you zoom out for your shots, ignore the histo and just shoot!