Friday, June 5, 2009

What a day

I am so sore and tired I really wish I could just go hide under the covers in bed and not come out till next week.

So the day started off decent enough. I decided to take the van in for an oil change and general checkup. It needed to be done and I had been putting it off long enough. After sitting there for a while the mechanic comes out and tells me that something is broken and it needs replaced. Sorry for the lack of detail, my brain is on auto drive right now. Anyways, the new part costs 800 dollars.

I asked him if we could make our trip to AZ and back with it the way it was and he of course says no so I gave the go ahead to replace it. Good bye savings, it was nice having you around for the short time that you were here, we will miss you dearly. It wasn't going to be done for a while so we walked home. 2 and a half miles, about 2 miles into it I realized I never got my house keys from the mechanics. They had all my keys. NICE lol my own fault but still frustrating.

I ended up borrowing a key from the office so we could get inside the apartment. I'll have to remember to return it tomorrow before we go to the baby shower. As soon as Cameron got home from school we left for the walk back to the mechanics where the van was. It rained almost the entire time. We were soaked and I could barely move by the time we got there. My pants were glued to me and my feet made squishy noises with every step.

I paid for the work, got my keys back and left. As soon as I backed up the van and turned the steering wheel I was pleasantly surprised. The steering wheel actually turned. Without any effort at all. I thought "is this normal?" I never knew it could be so easy to turn a steering wheel. I guess my steering has been bad for a while.

Well we are home now and I am exhausted. I want to go to bed. The kids seem to be energized. Even after walking so long they still have a bunch of energy. Where do they store it all? Can I borrow some?

After the day I had I think I deserve a treat. I'm thinking Chinese food will be nice.

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